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Activities and Near-by Attractions

Located in Damina village, a stay at the Wangdue Eco Lodge offers plenty of outdoor activities and hands-on experiences of a typical rural village life with a local family. 


Visit a typical farmhouse nearby and engage with the family with a hands-on experience at their farm. Depending on the farming season help the farmers as they go about planting/harvesting their paddy fields or traditional plowing of the field with bulls, milking the cows or just hanging around the farm and watch the family as they go about their daily farm life. While the adults may not speak English, however all the school-going children can speak English and you can talk and interact with them to learn more about rural life in Bhutan.


Recreational and rejuvenating activities that can be enjoyed at the Lodge are yoga, meditation, helping out in the nearby farms, village excursions, short and day long hikes with picnic baskets. Instead of GYMs and fitness centers there are many exhilarating and moderate to strenuous day hikes along the mountainside and through the farmhouses that provides a healthy and culturally enriching workout.


You can pick up seasonal vegetables from the kitchen garden and learn to cook a Bhutanese dish with the help of our kitchen staffs.

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