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Wangduephodrang Fortress and Punatsangchu Valley

All 8 rooms of Wangdue Ecolodge have views of the majestic Wangduephodrang Dzong and its spectacular especially during the calm night when it was illuminated by colorful lights. The Fortress houses the central monastic body and the office of the Dasho Dzongda, the mayor of Wangduephodrang district.

Wangduephodrang Dzong

The Fortress of Wangdi

The massive fortress is visible resting like a crown on the hill top around which Punatsangchu river and Dangchu river converges.


The shimmering convergent rivers not only the landmarks of the valley but it also provides a natural habitat to the various migratory river birds like Ruddy Sheld Ducks on vacation all the way from South Eastern Europe and Central Asia, home for a threatened Ferruginous Duck, vulnerable Pallas’s Fish-eagle and critically endangered White-bellied Heron. The Punatsangchu Valley is 1 of the 23 Important Bird Areas (IBA)

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