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Explore Bhutan's Scenic Trails: Biking and Hiking Around Wangdue and Punakha

Embark on an exhilarating biking and hiking adventure around Wangdue and Punakha, starting right from Wangdue Ecolodge. Here's a detailed itinerary of the experience:

  1. Start at Wangdue Ecolodge: Begin your journey by biking uphill towards Neyzergang Monastery. Along the way, soak in panoramic views of the Punatsangchu River winding through Punakha valley, with the majestic Wangduephodrang Dzong in the backdrop. Pause for a delightful break with snacks and coffee, enjoying the scenic beauty.

  2. Descend to Dangchhu River: After enjoying the view, descend and pass by the Dangchhu River. Climb uphill once again, heading towards the iconic Wangduephodrang Fortress. Park your bike at the designated lot and step into the fortress, where history and grandeur await. Witness locals visiting Radak Monastery, explore the fortress temples, and catch glimpses of monks in their maroon robes.

  3. Exploring Thimphu Tsirang Highway: Post-fortress exploration, ride along the Thimphu Tsirang Highway and cross the Punatsangchu River. After about 20 minutes, take a left turn and ascend towards the towering windmill fans generating eco-friendly power. While the climb may be challenging, the refreshing Wangduephodrang wind will invigorate you.

  4. Return to Wangdue Ecolodge: As you reach Wangdue Ecolodge, our staff will be waiting at the parking lot to assist with parking and offer much-needed refreshments to rejuvenate after your adventurous journey.

This biking and hiking experience not only offers scenic vistas and physical activity but also a deep dive into Bhutan's natural beauty and cultural heritage. It's a perfect blend of adventure and exploration during your stay at Wangdue Ecolodge.

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