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Private Cooking Lesson

Its fun. You experience the Bhutanese way of cooking and most importantly you see what you are going to eat. That’s why we encourage you to get engaged in our cooking lesson and its private and absolutely free of charge.

Cooking Class at Wangdue Ecolodge
The Food at Wangdue Ecolodge
Dinning Hall, Wangdue Ecolodge
Organic Food from Wangdue Ecolodge Garden
Food at Ecolodge, Wangdue

Its All About Fun and Eating What you See

We do two types of Lesson: 

  1. Lecture-style demonstrations- Relax with a glass of wine and our trained chef will show you step by step how the Bhutanese cuisine is being prepared. Bhutanese cuisine is quite unique, very different from our neighboring countries like India, Nepal and China. You will get all the insights on how this unique food is prepared and that becomes your diner

  2.  Hands-on learning – Roll your sleeves, put on an apron and get engaged with our kitchen team in preparing a Bhutanese Cuisine. You can decide what you like the most, or what you want to learn. Best part- you can visit our kitchen garden where you can actually pick the veg you want to cook. Right from the garden and on to your dinner table cooked by your own hands.

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