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Ngashigeykha Village Excursion, Wangdue

As a community development and for the people of Ngashigeykha village, Wangdue Ecolodge is promoting eco-tourism in the village. The village consist of 13 houses, and the rich soil and favorable weather, varieties of vegetable and fruits are grown seasonally including red and white rice.

People in the farm
Village in Wangdue, Rubesa
Wangdue Phodrang Dzong

The Experience of a Rural Bhutan

Spectacular landmarks of WangduePhodrang fortress overlooking the village and Punatsangchu river converging with Dangchhu river gives a picturesque treat of beauty of nature as one threads on the walk around this beautiful village.

 People in the village are peaceful, well to do with basic necessities and mostly based on organic domestic grown agriculture product. You can have the opportunity to interact with these people, dine with them and learn their stories of their livelihood.

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